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Working with Medcentres

New Projects

The services we provide

We provide a range of services for our clients, from turnkey development for owner occupation or lease-back to specialist property consultancy. Typically, where we provide a turnkey service, we take responsibility for all stages of the project on a fixed cost basis, including:

  • Strategy and business case development
  • Site finding and acquisition
  • Funding approval including VfM analysis
  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Post-completion care

This gives our clients the reassurance of cost control and specialist expertise, all provided through a single point of contact.

Healthcare Development

We have provided development services for healthcare projects for 20 years, and have an experienced team skilled at working with different clients and their needs. For NHS projects funding is critical, in particular navigating new structures and funding programmes as they emerge. Our projects have been pathfinders for recent initiatives such as the Primary Care Transformation Fund, and so we are well versed in the challenges, and the requirements for achieving successfull funding.

As well as new-build development we also undertake extension and refurbishment projects, more often than not funded through capital grants.

We have also completed private clinics for independent healthcare providers including private cosmetic treatment providers, dentists and physiotherapists. Having an in-depth knowledge of the technical requirements of healthcare design and the interaction between buildings, providers and regulators has proved invaluable over the years.

If you are a GP or other healthcare provider considering a new development or extension, we would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

NHS Funding Applications and Business Cases

All NHS funded development projects must follow an approvals process which can vary between different regions.

Typically however a funding application is made through a project initiation document or an outline business case which then progresses to a full or detailed business case for final approval.

We have drafted business cases for all of the healthcare projects we have delivered over the years and provided expert advice on site selection, project costs, options appraisals and value for money.

If you are considering making an application for funding, and would like to understand further how we can help you to make a successful submission, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team to discuss what support we can provide.

Affordable Housing & Extra-care

We can provide turnkey services for both Local Authorities and Registered Providers. Our solutions include partnering arrangements to deliver schemes on existing sites and acquiring and developing new sites based on our clients’ requirements.

Regardless of the project, our approach is the same and requires a detailed understanding of local needs and negotiation with Local Authorities to establish the service context, before completing the design, planning and construction processes.

We have a special interest in extra-care and developing much needed accommodation and service provision to help meet the requirements of our aging population and deliver cost savings for Local Authorities.

Community Healthcare & Local Authority Projects

Current policy is pushing for greater partnership between the NHS and providers of healthcare, we have extensive experience in this regard having collocated community health care providers, primary care and adult social services on numerous different schemes.

We have also facilitated partnership between local authorities and the NHS, including collocating healthcare services with community facilities such as libraries.

As a consequence we understand the particular challenges and opportunities that these type of projects bring, and are therefore well place to both advise on and help our clients deliver schemes.

Re-developing Existing Buildings and Estate Rationalisation

Community trusts and Local Authorities have traditionally inherited buildings or moved services over time to better meet the needs of their clients.

This can often leave buildings surplus to requirements or no longer fit for purpose. We are ideally place to advise on the re-development or disposal of such assets and can offer our clients JV arrangements to help them maximise their returns and put funds back into front line services.

As with all our services we typically work on a partnership arrangement and can offer flexible, staged consultancy services from feasibility studies to turnkey development.

Working in Partnership

We always seek to work in partnership with our clients, making sure that we understand their needs and objectives in detail.

Our development activities typically support wider strategic change and deliver new business opportunities. Ensuring that we provide the resources for our clients to evaluate and make the most of these opportunities is a critical part of our service.

Flexible procurement and outcome based costs

In recent years funding for all types of health and social care development has become more uncertain as new processes emerge, and markets react to changes in Government spending and policy.

Typically, funding programmes also come with tight deadlines so being able to demonstrate deliverability is critical to take advantage of opportunities. However, developing a project in detail without upfront cost often means a long term commitment to a developer.

Therefore we offer flexible consultancy services with outcome-based costs to enable our clients to balance risk, opportunity and cost.

Get in touch

To discuss your project in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team:

There is never any obligation to use our services – typically the first step is for us to conduct a initial feasibility study on your behalf, without charge, to determine if a project is viable and how we can work with you to deliver it.

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